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Some people may have old-fashioned views about the Internet. Some believe users are largely young computer enthusiasts, which may not be the markets which they want to reach. This is not the case.

Business Benefits
So what exactly makes the Web such a special marketing tool?.

Interactive features mean you can tailor the web site design content to match specific audience profiles.

Response forms, on-line catalogues and visitor queries allow you to identify and capture audiences via the Internet, build your own database and target your  marketing accordingly.

Orders can be taken securely, and even validated online, bringing world-wide sales opportunities from customers who have utilised their time to find you.

As a customer profiling tool:
Gather market research using your Web site - advertise your web address. Simple response forms or user registration will help you to capture information about your visitors while detailed site statistics will help you to understand which of your pages attract most interest. This can then be used to judge the success of your campaign or to develop new mailing lists.

A Business Partnership:
You already choose your business partners carefully. Finding a trusted Web designer to create and promote your company's Web site is no different.

FyneWeb uses a range of service creation tools to help our customers benefit most from their Web site. These include  server utilities to monitor performance. We are confident that you'll see new business evolve from the Internet.

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